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S&P WorkLab launches “I Can Be the Change” video campaign in response to social injustices.


“I Can Be the Change” set for release Thursday July 2, 2020.


This poetic video urges individuals to play a role and seek social justice for racial and economic inequalities in their own communities. Written and performed by Chris Webb, filmmaker, poet and artist, the video includes a diverse cross section of our community.


“I Can Be the Change”, marks the launch of S&P WorkLab. Cleveland’s brand new, high tech workspace and production studio, designed to connect content creators.  S&P WorkLab is an intersection where creators come to work, network, and gain access to state-of-the-art audio and video equipment and software.


“Opening this space was just the next evolution after leading a successful marketing and advertising firm for 18 years,” said Renee Singleton, president of Singleton & Partners marketing agency and owner of S&P WorkLab. “A full service production studio has always been my dream, so here we are with a dedicated building, where creators in multiple phases of production, film, photography and recording will collaborate. I’m really proud that one of our debut projects is the “I Can Be the Change” video.”


The video project is the brainchild of Singleton and Lee Zapis, an active angel investor and advocate for change. The two worked together more than 20 years ago at WZAK, before the Zapis family sold the radio station.


Webb, who wrote and produced much of the poem for the video, is among the creators now working at S&P WorkLab. He has created podcasts, worked on video recordings, and been a part of the production team in the workspace.


“I want to encourage people to fight for change. We all know that small gestures of hate have massive ripple effects. So what about small gestures of love?”, Webb said. “When the project was proposed I was excited to collaborate with Renee and the team to produce work with a meaningful message.”


Lee Zapis says he was blessed to have worked in the black community for 20 years, and while he enjoyed many positive experiences, the current climate of racial unrest continues to be frustrating. He and Singleton recently started talking about ways to bring people together. They agree there is a moment, right now to affect real and lasting change.


“I’d like people to pause, open their hearts, and be more empathetic. When you’re exposed to divisiveness - in traditional and social media - it’s easy to think things are hopeless and our society is doomed,” Zapis said. “The goal of our campaign is to encourage people to think about how they can change one little thing in their own thinking or behavior. Everybody has something that they can do to combat social injustice and work towards creating a more just society.”


S&P WorkLab is located in the heart of the Superior Arts District near Cleveland State University and five minutes from downtown Cleveland. People who rent the space range from individuals seeking a full-service workspace and small business owners who write, create podcasts, produce and perform music, photography and video projects, to Spectrum News 1 employees.


S&P WorkLab offers state-of-the art tech tools, public and private meeting rooms, open workspaces, a private phone booth, a lounge area and cafe. The interactive workspace also offers a podcast room, vocal studio, control room and editing suite.  


S&P WorkLab’s understands that the way people collaborate going forward is undergoing a massive revolution and supports innovation and collaboration.


The company is firmly committed to the health and safety of our clients.  We comply with Public Health guidelines and provide social distancing protocols.



About Singleton & Partners:


S&P WorkLab is the new home and production studio for Singleton & Partners.


Singleton & Partners is a marketing and advertising agency, operated by a skilled and diverse group of professionals who measure, place, direct and continually evaluate options to execute the highest-performing campaigns which connect a message to its target. Our services include strategic planning, media planning and buying, research and data analysis, public relations, creative services (photography, videography, editing, visual communications, graphic design), strategic communications, promotions and community engagement.

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