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[S&P WorkLab Backs the Anti-Racism Movement with Live Event]


[Cleveland, Ohio]: S&P WorkLab launches its Capitalizing the B Webinar, a live virtual event for professionals to have an engaging conversation about anti-Black racism, the anti-racism movement and more. By strategically connecting influential professionals to Clevelanders, S&P WorkLab encourages anti-racism education and supports today’s anti-racism movement.

Through the Ohio Be the Change campaign, S&P WorkLab seeks to dispel misconceptions about anti-Black racism in America with the creation and implementation of its Capitalizing the B release. The report’s main purpose is to motivate readers to look inward and learn about ways they may unknowingly carry out racist or prejudice behaviors. The event uses the series to inform and inspire healthy dialogue about social injustice. The live webinar showcases the analyzation of the released report.

Features of the Capitalizing the B Webinar include:

  • Strategic questions from Capitalizing the B part one, two, and three.

  • Influential community leader as host, Tony Sias.

  • Open Q&A session amongst Cleveland professionals seeking social justice education about anti-Black racism.

Capitalizing the B Webinar begins July 8, 2021. For more information on the Capitalizing the B webinar, visit

About S&P WorkLab: S&P WorkLab understands that the way people collaborate going forward is undergoing a massive revolution and supports innovation and collaboration. S&P WorkLab offers content creators state-of-the art tech tools, public and private meeting rooms, open workspaces, a private phone booth, a lounge area and cafe. The interactive workspace also offers a podcast room, vocal studio, control room and editing suite.


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